Drone LiDAR, Camera systems and sensors.


    Mobile laser mapping systems for ground vehicles, boats and unmanned ground robots.


    Rental systems for surveying and documentation.


    Robotic air, land and sea platforms for survey and inspection.



SABRE ADVANCED 3D, design, develop and manufacture standalone and fully integrated mobile 3D Geospatial data acquisition product solutions using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and camera solutions for mobile mapping.

We offer equipment solutions for deployment on mobile ground, marine and airborne platforms or any appropriate mobile platform.

SABRE ADVANCED 3D has extensive experience in mobile mapping (LiDAR and georeferenced panoramic imagery) dating back to the year 2000.

As well as providing standard standardised product solutions we provide a custom solutions service to meet customer specific requirements.

Sabre Advanced 3D Surveying Systems Ltd head offices are located within the United Kingdom.

Our typical customers are surveying and inspection industry professionals,in Utility mapping, roads and highways mapping, Mining and Oil&Gas, among many others. Parallel military, paramilitary and Search and rescue market applications are also being addressed.

SABRE LiDAR Surveying Product Solutions



SABRE-Scan Mobile Mapping LIDAR Survey for development of road infrastructure
Mobile Mapping with the SABRE-Scan for Road Mapping from the safety of a vehicle at up to highway speeds.

The laser scanner utilised with the SABRE-Scan is offset at 30 degrees with respect to vertical for improved capture of vertical objects.

The screen-shots below show the raw data produced by the SABRE-Scan system with a single FARO Focus X330 laser head. The SABRE-Scan system is available with dual laser heads.

The screen-capture below shows the different routes driven by the survey vehicle carrying the SABRE-Scan LiDAR Mobile Mapping system used to generate the multi-pass raw point cloud data as displayed. All data shown is in its raw form and in no way edited.

The zoomed in screen-shot below shows multiple passes of the system scanned along either side of the road travelling in opposite directions. 

The criss-cross interlacing pattern is clearly visible for the helical-lines generated by the system for the multiple scans in opposite directions.

The point cloud data shown is raw unedited data generated by the SABRE-Scan LiDAR Mobile Mapping system which shows a close repeatability of the precisely placed points for the multiple scan passes. 

Mobile LiDAR Mapping - A Complement to Main-Stream Surveying Techniques

LiDAR mobile mapping is intended to complement more standard mainstream survey techniques. Both static and mobile scanning can and should be used together as both have advantages for given circumstances or requirements respectively.

When planning and executing large-scale projects within a budget take advantage of rapid data collection offered by mobile mapping to complement more traditional surveying techniques by radically reducing acquisition time and cost. Mobile mapping has the ability to capture its surrounding environment at high-speed with high-definition point clouds spatially positioned to low cm level precision with high accuracy. The SABRE-Scan system is currently the lowest cost available product of its type on the market delivering superior performance for the particular grade of IMU employed. The SABRE-Scan system can accommodate a range of IMU’s dependent upon application from mid to high range.

Mobile mapping is a useful tool for either Terrestrial, Marine and Airborne deployment

The SABRE-Scan system offers a standalone solution with its own IMU for Cross-Platform utilisation for Shared Operational Services World-Wide.

  • Land, on-road and off-road
  • Marine
  • Airborne platforms

The SABRE-Scan POD System allows cross-platform use for shared services maximising utilisation of the system.

Hydrography complemented with topside LiDAR

The SABRE-Scan system is integration-ready for use with certain swath-sonar systems for hydrographic sub-waterline data capture and can be combined with topside (surface) LiDAR equipment for coastal and harbour surveys.

SABRE-Scan Coastal Erosion Survey
This particular job is ideally suited for utilising the drone for airborne LiDAR survey as this enable’s areas inaccessible to the off-road mobile mapping vehicle to be fully covered. Following the completion of the SABRE Drone and LiDAR products this would now be the preferred method in this situation.

A View from Above - Advantageous Drone operation of LiDAR systems

Airborne LiDAR systems offer Rapid survey of areas difficult, inaccessible or dangerous for ground-based survey. 

Mounting of LiDAR systems on Drone Platforms provides enhanced results with the improved coverage offered by the Line-Of-Sight achieved by having a high-angled view-point from above which reduces blind-spot areas. This compares to the view-point as seen from ground level using conventionally operated vehicle mounted LiDAR systems. The perspective of data acquisition at height maximises the range capabilities of the utilised laser with a more ideal perpendicular angle of incidence encountered by the laser-beam.

SABRE provides a standard Photogrammetry payload that due to the nature of this technology requires pre-layed out ground control points followed by intensive post-processing. Alternatively SABRE’s airborne LiDAR can enable Efficient Point-cloud generation with direct-measurement.

SABRE’s Aerial LiDAR systems high-definition Sky-3D S130 and light-weight lower resolution counterpart Sky-3D S80 are Available Now for purchase.

We have designed the SABRE HL48 SKYHORSE | PEGASUS UAV for the purpose of carrying the heavy weight’s currently faced when running LiDAR systems and this has been improved to provide high-flight durations.

The SABRE Airborne LiDAR Systems combined with the SABRE HL48 SKYHORSE | PEGASUS Heavy-Lift UAV to bring a whole new perspective to the field. The low costs make this technology obtainable for even small surveying companies. SABRE’s cost-effective solutions makes these product’s a unique set of opportunities. 

The screen-capture’s below show the detail captured using the SABRE Sky-3D S120 for quarry and stockpile assessment.

The airborne UAV LiDAR captured point clouds show the enhanced coverage capabilities of scanning from a 30m flying altitude.

All SABRE systems are designed with rapid deployment in mind and are compact enough to be transportable for global operations. Systems have been developed from extensive LiDAR and laser System expertise as well as operational experience in the field. The UAV systems have been designed by our engineering team who stem from engineering and aviation backgrounds.

For further information and sample data please email info@sabresurvey.com

Addressing the Global market for surveying and inspection..

SABRE Sky-3D UAV Drone LiDAR surveying system is the first commercial survey grade LiDAR system to suit the sub 20 Kg unmanned aircraft market. Over two years of continuous development in laser, inertial measurement units IMU, GPS/GLONASS integration have been applied to produce the SABRE Sky3D Drone LiDAR system. Weighing in around 4-8kg payload weight the system can be attached to most heavy lift VTOL, Multirotor, Helicopter and manned aircraft platforms on the market.

The Sabre Inertial positioning integration unit and software allows customers to integrate many lasers from open source to closed source scanners and make a fully customised LiDAR system for Land Sea and airborne mapping applications. We can also integrate cameras to the system and perform photogrammetry without the need for ground control. Available in OEM form
The SABRE HL48 Multirotor system was also developed in line with the SABRE Sky-3D UAV LiDAR in mind. High payload capacity, longer flight times and ease of use for the surveyor in mind. This system is suited for many applications where surveying with LiDAR and camera technologies are needed to produce high detail, accurate 3D models of terrain or structure. It can also be used for general photography, cinematography and inspection requirements.

What is LiDAR:

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light. In order to then generate a 3D point cloud you will need to know your location and orientation of each laser point, then couple this information with the laser data.  Sabre Drone LiDAR system SABRE Sky-3D takes in all this data and converts it to a 3D point cloud.
The sabre LiDAR system has everything integrated in a easy to operate pod arrangment which can be deployed via, aircraft, marine or ground vehicle. You can also take in sonar sensors and laser data at the same time and generate river, lake or sea bed profiles with topside laser points.
Lidar is popularly used as a technology to make high-resolution maps, with applications in geomatics, archaeology, geography, geology, geomorphology, seismology, forestry, remote sensing, atmospheric physics, and airborne laser swath mapping (ALSM), laser altimetry, and contour mapping.

Coming soon to the UAV world.

We are in the process of updating our website content however if you have a system in mind and need some assistance then please email info@sabresurvey.com or call us any time.
Details available soon
Advanced unmanned systems
UAV Multirotor Multicopter Drone platform/chassis systems to flight electronics design and integration
Long flight duration Quadcopter with high payload capability
Bespoke mapping and surveillance sensor payloads include LiDAR, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, IR, Red epic, long range digital video and telemetry links. 

SABRE ADVANCED 3D – Our in-house Capabilities

Designers and developers of Surveying Systems and solutions.
  • Consultancy: Custom SABRE Mobile Mapping (LiDAR and 360 Imagery) solutions.
  • Consultancy: In-house specialist mobile laser scanning project development, see below.
  • Consultancy: 360 mobile Imagery project integration and development Services.
  • Consultancy: lasers scanner integration solutions.
  • Consultancy: inertial navigation integration and development Services.
Consultancy and Development Services

We offer customised SABRE solutions to meet custom requirements.
We are developers and manufacturers of mobile and static laser scanning equipment and specialise in the following operational areas:
  • Designers and developers of Surveying Systems and mapping solutions.
  • Survey System Integrators and software developers.
  • Customised Laser scanning systems Integration, software and hardware development.
  • Specialist expertise in terrestrial, air and marine applications using GNSS-Inertial Positioning and Orientation Systems technology. 
  • Both SABRE Advanced 3D’s mobile laser scanning equipment can also be integrated and applied for design into specialist applications.
  • Most of our product solutions are adaptable and can be customised to suit the application.
Please see PDF’s showing examples applications for our SABRE Technology Solutions that demonstrated our capabilities in inertial navigation and laser technology.
We also have experience in the company in the areas below:

Expertise in terrestrial, air and sea positioning / navigation system technology
  • Tracking systems
  • Technology for collision avoidance
  • UAV Autopilot and robotic control


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SABRE-Scan Mobile Mapping Kit

SABRE LiDAR Mobile Mapping Surveying Product, FARO Laser Scanner | Focus 3D X330 | FARO Focus 3D X130 | FARO Focus 3D X30 | FARO Focus 3D S120 |


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