SABRE ADVANCED 3D Technology Integration for Custom Solutions

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SABRE ADVANCED 3D Technology Integration - Custom Solutions

As developers of our own in-house technology for mobile mapping using LiDAR and Imagery, 

we would like to keep you informed of SABRE ADVANCED 3D's Services we offer:
SABRE - Capabilities

·  Consultancy: Custom SABRE Mobile Mapping (LiDAR and 360 Imagery) solutions.

·  Consultancy: In-house specialist mobile laser scanning project development, see below.

·  Consultancy: 360 mobile Imagery project integration and development Services.

·  Consultancy: lasers scanner integration solutions.

·  Consultancy: inertial navigation integration and development Services.

Consultancy and Development Services

We offer customised SABRE solutions to meet custom requirements.
We are developers and manufacturers of mobile and static laser scanning equipment and specialise in the following operational areas:

Designers and developers of Surveying Systems and mapping solutions.

Customised Laser scanning systems Integration, software and hardware development.

Specialist expertise in terrestrial, air and Marine applications using GNSS-Inertial Positioning and Orientation Systems technology. 

Both SABRE Advanced 3D’s mobile laser scanning equipment can also be integrated and applied for design into specialist applications.

Most of our product solutions are adaptable and can be customised to suit the application.

We also have experience in the company in the areas below:

Tracking systems

Technology for collision avoidance

UAV Autopilot and robotic control

Please email us at for further infromation or regarding your particular project requirements.

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SABRE ADVANCED 3D Technology Integration for Custom Solutions

SABRE ADVANCED 3D Technology Integration Offers custom solutions using integration of our in-house developed software and hardware.


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